New Bike

I really should have got round to blogging the new bike earlier. My largest purchase from that global car boot sale that is eBay. It’s a Suzuki GSX1100F from 1989, and is just a little bit scary fast. I need to take some photos of it to put up soon, when the weather gets slightly more amenable to biking, then I’ll take it out somewhere nice and take some photos.

Pain in the butt

Went to do a little more archery practice to let off some steam this afternoon, and took my longbow along – I was shooting it only a couple of weeks ago at home and getting some good groups – much better than I’ve been getting with the compound.

Anyway a couple of people were admiring it, and I drew it – “crack” the back of the lower limb had splintered – not a single arrow off it today, and now I’m going to have to look and see if I can find a nice replacement for my beautiful Albion longbow that I’ve had for about 15 years.

The closest that I can seem to find with a quick search is the AW special longbow from Archery world, but I’ve not managed to get in touch with Severn Products, which is where I bought it from in the first place – I just hope that they still do the Albion, as I’m rather partial to mine.

Still, it really does put me in a great mood for writing exam questions – knowing that to replace it is going to cost about £250!

Googlebot and phpiCalendar

I installed php iCalendar a few weeks ago, it was really nice being able to publish some of my iCal files from Sunbird on the web, and students could see whan I was free without me having to print out a paper calendar every week and stick it on my door.

I got a message today though, for some reason the system network usage had shot up, and my web server was consuming something like 6.4MB/s.
It was traced to Googlebot indexing my calendar file, as there are so many links, and technically the calendar can keep going forever, the bot had got a little out of control.

I have now put a robots.txt file in the correct place, but I’m still not sure that it’s going to solve the problem – it’s still generating a request every second or so, and eating bandwidth.