Cobalt RAQs and BlueQuartz

I’ve just come across an interesting development from the Cobalt Raq series of servers. I am probably a long way behind the times, but BlueQuartz is the open sourced version of RaqOS. It can apprently be installed on top of Fedora Core or Centos, and looks to be a nice start to the project.
It doesn’t yet install as easily as RaqOS, that just installed via net boot onto the appliance, and you have to install the host OS first, and then layer the BlueQuartz scripts etc on top of the server, but I’m sure it will become easier – in fact I’ve just noticed that there are people selling CDs that purport to install the whole thing on ebay. Just another thing that I must explore in the future – it would mean that I could set up a more powerful machine with BlueQuartz to replace the Raq that I use as a teaching server.