FOSDEM geek-fest

Sitting here at FOSDEM, nursing a slight hangover from lots of Belgian beer last night at the Delerium Cafe in Brussels. they reputedly have over 2000 beers on the menu, but that’s still not enough for every one of the 4000+ geeks here to have a different one each!

It’s already been an interesting weekend, and it’s not lunchtime yet on Saturday.
The talk on How a Large-Scale Open Source Project Works is about to begin, so I’ll post this, and update later.

Thanks to everyone

It’s been a very trying and tiring day, going to work at 8:00 and just getting in at 21:10.

I’ve been seeting up today for the Shropshire skills fair in Telford, taking out the newly christened “Aberystwyth Field Robotics Group” for an exhibition. Mark, Fred and myself have spent the afternoon setting up for the lots of visiting school children in the next two days.

It was very nice to get home and find so many messages of congratulations on my facebook wall, it helps a little towards easing having to be driving to Telford at 06:00 for the next two days.

I’m just really looking forward to FOSDEM at the weekend.