Scrapheap take 2

Some of you will know about the Scrapheap Challenge application that a team of 3 of us put in a couple of months ago, we got through to the final hurdle before the series – the production company wanted us, but Channel 4 apparently didn’t, and chose a different team over us.

Well, we’re trying again, this time for the Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow, and in some ways it’s easier as we do the build in Aberystwyth, and don’t have to take a number of weeks out of our lives here in order to film for the show.

We started the build on Wednesday afternoon and evening, and then had half a day of filming yesterday (Thursday), and it all went very well. I’m not actually on the 3 man team this time, but am quite involved with the team, doing a fair amount of the design and build along with Ian, and we’re due to take our creation down to Beaulieu in a couple of weeks.