Chicago and Indianapolis trip

I’ve just been to visit a student doing his placement in Indianapolis in the US at the end of last week, and I had a really good time.

Apart from the Spiderman 3 trailer, I also got to visit the Indianapolis Speedway,
as well as the 103rd floor on the Sears Tower, the bar on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Tower, album391/DSC_2214.jpgWrigley Field,
Millennium Park, Navy Pier, as well as riding on the ‘L’ train. We also managed to visit the Voodoo lounge in the Redfish restaurant and listen to some pretty cool R&B as well as looking around the water tower.

Phew, now that I write it down, I did do quite a lot, with only 2 days in Indianapolis, and less than 24 hours in Chicago.


The whole gallery of 195 photos are here for you to look at, some of them are parts of panoramas that I’m going to stitch together and put up later.

Student visit


I’ve just done my first industrial year visit, and I got a real doozie. I had to visit r0n1n, who is spending the year at CERN in Switzerland.

So whilst there I had a tour of some of the facilities on and off site, including ATLAS, ALICE and The Globe of Science and Innovation

As I was travelling light, I only took my 50mm F1.8 with me, which equates to a 75mm on the D70, so I had to take multiple photographs and then stitch them together with DoubleTake

Spiderman 3

I’ve just seen the “World Premier” of the trailer for Spiderman 3 on VH1, and boy does it look good, but really, do you have to trail the film now when it won’t be out until May next year – that’s a whole 6 months away! We’ll have got fed up with the hype, or forgotten about it by then.

If you want to see it yourself, then go to and download it in HD.

Eclipse IDE 5 years old!

Cnet has a story on how the Eclipse IDE is now 5 years old, and has a huge impact on the development process as well as proving how successful open source can be.
Eclipse is my tool of choice, and I’ve been using it for a few years now, whilst I only use a few of the features I do find it to be an incredibly easy platform to use, and the fact that it lets me get on with coding without getting in the way of my coding just fits the way I like to work, like using MacOSX.

More Filming

We had CBBC come and film us last Monday for a new series starting in the new year. Wonderful World of Weird features a number of reporters travelling around the UK looking for weird and wonderful things to add to the map of the weird.

You’ll have to watch the show to find out if we were judged weird enough, and apparently it airs in February in a 7:30am slot, so you’ll have to be up early.

I’ll put some photos up soon.