New Toys!

I’ve just added a couple of new machines to my computer museum…
The one I’m really excited about is the Commodore CBM 4032 museum/DSC00082.jpg

The other is an Hewlett Packard 85, which I know nothing at all about, so some research has to be done there. Apparently Rhys Parry used to sell them though.

And I’ve now put up a gallery to hold photos of all the machines I have in the museum, so when time permits I’ll take more photos, and put them up in that gallery.


I got hooked on Lost on channel 4, and bought the Season 1 DVD box set from CD Wow
Last night we watched the final episode (well, the last 3 actually) and the cliff hangers are really evil… I just hope that season 2 will be out soon – of course they’re still showing something like Episode 9 on Channel 4 in the UK, so it’s going to be a while before we season 2 on telly over here 🙁

Alan Cox Talk Confirmed

Over the month or so I’ve been trying to arrange a couple of visiting speakers for the Friday afternoon seminar slot that we organise for undergraduates and postgraduates. Of course we all like to attend, so the speakers are of interest to us all.

I’m very glad to say that last night I manged to confirm with Alan Cox that he will be visiting us and giving a talk on Friday 28th October.

Mozilla Calendars

For some reason I’ve not yet figured out, both Mozilla calendar and Sunbird appear to display appointments at completely different times to what they write them as in the .ics file – I’ve just spent 15 mins hand editing the .ics file to make PHP iCalendar display the calendar correctly.

I never had this problem with iCal…

It appears that for some appointments, Mozilla Sunbird had added a ‘Z’ to the end of the date and time of some of the appointments in the .ics file, which was being treated differently by PHP iCalendar and the Mozilla apps. – Delete the ‘Z’ from the end of the line, and everything works :-/