MacMini Ordered

Well, with the death of the iBook, I spent yesterday installing Windows XP on an old Celeron, and swearing at the unhelpful operating system. Fortunately it shouldn’t be for too long as the boss ordered me a nice shiny new MacMini. True it’s not got a laptop, but as I’m a teaching fellow, I do have to rely on the benevolance of the department, as I don’t have any research grants to buy new hardware from.

I’m looking forward to getting it now, and being able to lose it somewhere on the desk.

Meanwhile I have been busy updating my website here, and publishing my diary. Mozilla Sunbird will do until I get iCal back, and it uses .ics files the same as iCal does, so I can import my old iCal diaries into it, and it will automatically update the diary page.

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