Free router firmware

I finally got around to upgrading the firmware on my Linksys WRT-54G wireless router. I debated a year or two ago about installing the SVEAsoft firmware, but as that cost money, I decided aginst it.

Whilst there’s nothing hugely wrong with the original firmware, the new firmware is just so much more flexible, and allows QoS, WDS and a few other funky options.

The thing that got me started on this one again was the article on lifehacker linked from the makezine which made me seem so very easy.

A couple of things caught me out on the way, and I had to do a hard reset after installing the initial minimal firmware, and as I was using the v23 SP2 version it messed up the passwords and needed the hard reset to allow me to log in, as password files changed, but apart from that it was pretty plain sailing.

I now have a nice Version 2.0 WRT54G running DD-WRT V23 SP2 and it all works fine.

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