LED Badges again

It’s visit day tomorrow, and I’ll be wearing my LED Badge.

I just had a comment on my last post from Brian, who would like a look at my source code, so I’ve put it in a directory for you all to download.

It’s a couple of java source files, which I have packaged into a jar file for you to download – there’s no compiled code in there only the source, I’ve only used the jar file to preserve the directory structure.

Anyway, it uses the serial comms libraries from rxtx.org, so you’ll have to download those, and install the runtime libraries in the correct place for your platform, but the program is in java, so change the serial port name in the code, compile it and run it.

Again, it’s not the prettiest of code at this point, but it serves the purpose at the moment, and when I get the time, I’ll try to improve and enhance the code.

Enjoy – you can download the code here: LED Badge java program code.

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