Mac dying? – It lives!

After a few weeks of instability on the PowerBook, I got pretty fed up with rebooting it so often. I know – Macs don’t need rebooting – they’re really reliable – all that guff.

Well I’d pretty much diagnosed the problem being with the hard drive, it was fairly obvious that the Mac would crash when certain files were accessed, and I’d been getting pretty paranoid about doing backups so if it did die completely, I could resurrect my data.

Today I bit the bullet and bought a new 120GB hard disk, and spent a hour disassembling the PowerBook, and installing the new drive, then had all the fun of re-installing MacOS, and migrating all my old apps and settings over.

Oh well, at least it’s done now, and I’ve got twice as much drive space as I had before.

Oh, and hard drives really shouldn’t rattle when you rock them from side to side. :-S

I also managed to straighten out the bent piece of case that kept popping out the power plug, so it should charge better now.

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