One a day

Patch - in the fresh snow
The closest the I’m going to get to a new year’s resolution this year is that I’ve decided that I will be taking at least one photograph a day. I got the idea from this post on photojojo which explains some of the reasons behind doing it.

Now today is the 3rd of January, and yes I did start taking photos on the first, and actually posted the first two up to flickr yesterday. I was trying to upload them to facebook, but couldn’t get the syncing from iPhoto to upload more than one photo from the set which had two pictures in uploaded at a time, add hat to the fact that each time I added a new photo to the set it appeared to create a new facebook album meant that I eventually gave up on that and switched over to flickr. Publishing is now easy for me, I just add the picture I selected as today’s photo to the album in iPhoto and it all gets updated in flickr automatically.

The album is called One A Day in my photostream.

I’m actually pretty new to flickr, so I’m still working out what all the features are and how to use them, so I hope that this will also prompt me to learn to use some more of the features in the future.

Have a happy new year and enjoy your photography.

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