Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow

We got back last night very tired from the filming of the Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow down a Beaulieu.
We all had a really great weekend, thanks to all the Scrapheapers down there – there was a really good atmosphere, and we got to meet some really nice people.
There are a number of galleries of photos uploading at the moment, some may be of interest to some people. I will write a longer article (or get Clairey to) as we have to write something for the newsletter later, but for now you’ll have to make to with pictures of all the wacky vehicles that were there.

Robert Llewellyn was really friendly, even though he appeared to be besieged by autograph hunters all day, Edd China was great, showing a lot of interest in all the vehicles as part of his judging duties. I didn’t get to meet Lisa Rogers, but she looked blooming – if you don’t know what I mean you’ll have to watch the show.

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