More Wanging of Wellies

Well, I don’t really want to give too much away about the design, but our welly wanger for the Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow is now coming along – Ian has been really busy with building a motorised chassis to move the whole contraption around on, and has even built the rotor arms, however the hub was mounted a little too low, so the wellies kept hitting the chassis, so I set about it with the angle grinder and welder and raised the height of the hub buy about 8 inches, providing more than enough clearance.

Our decision to use paired wellies to balance each other looks to be a good one, as when we ran the rotor with only one welly on it, there was a certain amount of bouncing induced into the whole machine.

We also ran the machine with 2 wellies which was a lot more stable, and succeeded in chucking one (unintentionally) a reasonable distance, even though it was released near vertical.


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