John Hunt atttains Guru Status – without a beard.

John Hunt used to work around here – he was a lecturer in the department, and taught Java to many of us. Somewhere at home I still have a my copy of “Java for Practitioners” printed out on A4 paper that I proofread before publication – I wonder what that would fetch on eBay? He has just had an article published on that mine of information The Register about the Hibernate tool for Object Relational Mapping, and I look forward to the second part of the article. But seriously John, guru status still requires a beard – maybe someone at El Reg should be informed.

When I looked at The Register’s main page, John’s article wasn’t listed – it had appeared on the RSS feed, which is where I picked it up from – odd that it didn’t appear on the front page. It’s still not on the front page, an hour after the publication time.

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