Ebayers beware

An intrepid eBayer with the nick caitlincutie has cashed in on the current trend for Xbox360s on ebay and sold a picture of one for £470.00!
Since selling the picture the seller has decided to make their feedback profile private – probably something to do with the feedback that the unfortunate (or not very observant) BillySpeares left for them.

Of course the listing does look a bit dodgy – you have to read right to the end of the extensive blurb to find out the it is a picture you are bidding on. I bet the other bidders are feeling a bit relieved. Anyway, if the items disappear from ebay there’s a story on The Register about it with screen captures of it, showing before caitlincutie made her feedback private.

2 Replies to “Ebayers beware”

  1. Well that’s not the first time it happens – images or empty boxes were sold on ebay before. The reasers just don’t tend to read the description to the very end. Theoretically caitlincutie didn’t do anything illegal selling just what was said in the description – THAT IS ONLY AN IMAGE. Thought from the human point of view that is really a foul trick. No wonder caitlincutie is no longer registered with ebay 🙂

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